About Bill Hannong

I started my tattooing career as an apprentice with the late Peter Tat-2 Poulos in Denver, Co. This was back in the 70’s along with Gregg Skibo, Barbara Chapman, and Kim Shaffer. As my training under Peter continued I was able to develop into an acknowledged Tattoo Artist in the Peter Tat-2 Association and I have the tattoo to prove it. It was an honor to work with Peter, Gregg, Barbara, and Kim. Life as a Tattoo Artist back then was some times like a wild west show.

In 1989 Theresa and I moved back to my home state of Florida, which we had lift in 1974. We settled in Ft. Myers on the Gulf Coast. I bought into the Ancient Art Tattoo Studio which Peggi Hurley owned at that time. From there we opened the Ft. Myers Beach Tattoo Studio on Ft. Myers Beach in September 1991. A couple of years later I bought Peggi out so she could move back to her home state to be closer to her parents.

I am a founding member of the National Tattoo Association which is the largest and oldest Tattoo Association in the world. I’m also a founding member and President of the Florida Professional Tattoo Artist’s Guild. I’m co-author with former State Senator Fred Dudley on the State Statute for tattooing in the state of Florida. I also serve as the Legislative Liaison between the industry and the State of Florida. I am an instructor for the Alliance of Professional Tattoo Artist, and the National Tattoo Association dealing with Legislation on the local, State, and Federal level.

With numerous International Awards for my tattooing I feel confident that I can help you move to the next level in your tattooing needs. I pride myself in making every tattoo I do the most important tattoo that I have ever done. By immersing myself in the art and carrying on the tradition that Peter passed to me I hope to be tattooing for many years to come.

So come on in and have a seat in one of my Studios and enjoy a ride to the highest level of tattooing.

I look forward to meeting you and taking the next tattoo journey together.

Bill Hannong